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As I begin to write these words know most assuredly that I am not one who claims to be anyone, or anything apart from a child of God. I am not a Prophet, Holy Man, or more saintly a person than any other individual.   Nor do I profess a new teaching, gospel, or revelation to entice you to embrace my ideas. I am only too aware of my own faults and weaknesses to even think of self exaltation.   My express desire is for you to be like the one the Bible calls Jesus Christ. Not AS, but again LIKE Jesus Christ. Hopefully you can distinguish “imitation” from “replication”; as there can only be one and one alone.   I have found that the whole Bible was written to uncover or reveal the very thoughts and feelings of this man called Jesus Christ.   Specifically, this was revealed most profoundly to me in Psalm 40 verse 7 of the Psalms of David. Here it says: “Then said I, (Christ speaking prophetically to us) Lo, (Look) I come: in the volume of the book (the Bible) it is written of me.”   Once I had truly grasped the significance of these words; then did the Bible really open up to me. That was June 3, 2002. Several years, and yes, Life Lessons later have brought me to this place in my ongoing journey for the Truth- of wondering just what and how did Jesus really think? So taking this as my stating point; I later thought: What if by prayer and meditation into these prophetic words I (or anyone) could enter into the very mind, heart, and spirit of Christ? Was this even possible? If it was; just how was I to do this?   Naturally, I am (as most people I feel are) very ‘Egocentric’. By this, I mean that most everyone is to some degree or another focused on their own wants and needs.   Jesus Christ was the only truly selfless individual. He concentrated entirely on the Will of God (His Father) and on helping others.   Upon reading in the Bible, the book of Job, the book of Psalms, the book of Proverbs, and the book of Ecclesiastes; I found that htese books particularly spoke to me in sections prophetically of the mind, heart, and spirit of Christ.   I have decided to take these words among the many I have found and to write prayers and meditations for daily living as a result. It should go without saying that to “die” or to “empty one’s self” of all egocentric, selfishly directed thoughts should be the first step towards reaching the ultimate goal one hopes to achieve. Still, one has to start wherever one happens to be in Life and work from there.   Slowly, prayerfully, reverently, meditatively think on these words. May Jesus Christ alone, by His Holy Spirit, conform your life, your will… your mind, heart, and spirit to His own. Amen.

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Hello, My name is Timothy Baugh. As I begin to write these words; know most assuredly that I am not one who claims to be anyone, or anything apart from a child of God. I am not a Prophet, Holy Man, or more saintly a person than any other individual. Nor do I profess a new teaching, gospel, or revelation to entice you to embrace my ideas. I am only too aware of my own faults and weaknesses to even think of self exaltation.   My express desire is for you to be like the one the Bible calls Jesus Christ. Not AS, but again LIKE Jesus Christ. Hopefully you can distinguish “imitation” from “replication”; as there can only be one and one alone.   I have found that the whole Bible was written to uncover or reveal the very thoughts and feelings (howbeit, sometimes to be spiritually discerned) of this man…

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The Master Of The Waves. (Re-written as inspired: Copyrighted by Timothy Baugh). An allegory. December 29, 2018.

The great rivers of this Life are in the power of the Lord. And they carry headlong all those who despise Him: and entangle their paths. They sweep away their banks. (they know no boundaries to the damage they can cause). Their flooding catches the bodies (of weak, sinful ones) and destroy their lives. For they (Life’s trials, tribulations, and hardships) are more swift than lightning and more aggressive. Those who cross (meet them) in faith are not moved (troubled or distressed); And all those who walk on them without blemish (in purity) shall not be afraid. For the lesson in them is what the Lord hath done. All those who cross (meet) them in faith are not moved. (troubled or distressed). Put on, therefore, the name of the Lord (Jesus Christ), and know Him. Then, you shall cross them without danger, for the rivers (and seas) will be subject to you. The Lord (Jesus Christ Himself) has bridged them by His own word; and He walked and crossed them on foot. His footsteps stood firm on the water (undisturbed) and were not injured; they were as firm as a tree that is set strong against the winds. Even though the waves were lifted up on this side and that, yet the footsteps of our Lord Messiah stood firm and were not deterred from their purpose. And a similar way is appointed for those who cross after Him. And for those who will adhere (steadfastly) to the course of faith in Him, who worship His name. Hallelujah. So be it.

“For all that I have written here, it may mean very little if anything. What does matter in the final analysis is whether some Truth was shared with you that could possibly help you in your own life.” Timothy Baugh. October 21, 2016.

For me to even suspect that others would daily read my blog, or even “get anything out of it” is possibly hoping for too much. That alone, doesn’t matter to me so much anymore. I have surrendered my personal ambitions for success in this endeavor; and leave the outcome to God to prosper as He sees fit. No ‘arm twisting’ or coercion is taking place here. You always have, and will have the freedom to read or go on to do something more enlightening.    The thing is… MOST PEOPLE HAVEN’T REALLY EXAMINED OR “LOOKED OVER” ANY OF THIS BLOG! That much saddens me. But, if only for my own sake; I will continue to write, hoping that someone other than me will read any of it! If you happen to read this today GOD BLESS YOU! You, for one, have made my day a little more pleasant and rewarding. Here is my Truth for you today: “The mediator between the head and the hands must be the heart!” None of what I say matters if your heart is not in the right place. All that you may know won’t help you. Nor will what you attempt to do, UNLESS your heart is for the Truth! May what truth I have shared help you today.    PS: What is here is ALL OPEN for you to purview. Don’t just stop at the entry for today! Enjoy it all, and comment if you’d like to.

Perhaps everything is but a dream of reality. Maybe you just believe it is so! By Timothy Baugh.

Jesus said: “If you can believe, ALL THINGS BECOME POSSIBLE to him that believes”. Mark 9:23. (My own paraphrase).   I am not trying to shock and awe anyone here. This may be legitimate. Consider… you are eating your Cheerios for breakfast, with your coffee and water to take your pills, or vitamins for the day. Are you really? or are you in “God’s Dream” of your doing this? Maybe, your still asleep and just can’t wake up! or perhaps in your own dreaming, it is REALLY just gas on your stomach from last night’s meal?!   What I am saying is; how do we really KNOW?  At this point, (I say this jokingly) you may be pinching yourself or slapping yourself awake!   Jesus wants us to trust Him. He never told his disciples, “Well, you’ll figure it all out eventually. Go and have a great time!” NO!!! He said he would instruct and TEACH THEM. How, we don’t know except for what we read in the New Testament. Perhaps, he oftentimes did not have to say anything. Perhaps, their own, what we call “Consciousness” was ONE with Jesus’s Spirit enough to allow the inner dialoging to convince them, at times, of His Presence. We’ll never know. Perhaps Jesus told them, in the language of their time: “I AM YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS !” (Just not in our Modern vernacular). Consider… Isn’t this startling revelation TRUE for us Disciples too?   I know, you may be saying, “Well, if I never have read of this before on your blog; it most certainly is a mind-boggling concept!”   My Lord Jesus Christ, please help us all to understand how different your ways are from ours. We can’t even begin to wrap our minds around it. And whereas, here, Timothy may be presenting to us bold, innovative, and unusual concepts; maybe, just maybe, those in this post are 100% TRUE! Help us not to be closed-minded Christians. In your holy Name Lord Jesus we pray. Amen.

Frustration: How to die from it! By Timothy Baugh. October 7, 2019.

Allow me this small indulgence of relating my day. (Or, you can ignore this post altogether!)   I can’t stand the frustration of daily Life. Who can REALLY!  Today, my frustration was San Marino Security Systems, Inc.  I could barely leave my home without them dispatching the police within 15 minutes of my leaving! My poor dog, Dorothy, as good a dog as any, can’t move or jump in my home. They say the “motion detectors” will go off. When I leave; they call me on my Cell Phone and IMMEDIATELY want me back home! They will call every 15 minutes to rush my arrival.  When I arrive at home, and explain everything to the officer; he thinks he must be talking to some senile old man. He shows ME how to “properly” open my back door. He tells me, “Well, if your Trustees to your Estate had fixed the lock to your back door right the very “first” thing; you wouldn’t have this problem to begin with. AAARGH!!!  Please officer, just kill me with your gun now.   Can you relate?  Then I have to WAIT, until they return my call before I can even eat!!!  Jesus Christ knew of this kind of frustration far more than I EVER would or could. When I feel like just giving up; HE NEVER, EVER, WILL GIVE UP ON ME! I cry, I weep, I curse and swear. Yet, Jesus listens patiently and says, “I am here. Be not afraid.” Oh, the very depths of the Love and Grace of God. I could close my eyes, or open them, and ALL I SEE reminds me that HE IS HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE! I could live homeless, sleeping in a dumpster; yet I would be as secure as a baby at its mother’s breast. I could have my Life crumble all around me, yet HE would BE THERE, all the same. I have the very best! What more could anyone want? Jesus, my Lord and Savior, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My tears could never say enough. Amen.

When Life Is Hard Just To Live. By Timothy Baugh.

I have a medical condition called GERD. For many people this is very manageable. What it is, however, is a Gastric- Esophagus Reflux Disease. Basically, it causes sometimes extreme Gas and Acid on my stomach. You all have known, if you have read any of my posts; how I am living TOTALLY ALONE apart from my dog, Dorothy. When I ate a very spicy Italian sandwich (two in fact), I should have anticipated the results! OH, was I in PAIN!  Did I have a Ulcer? Was I having a Gall Bladder Attack? or something MUCH worse.   We single people, become paranoid at the first thought of hospitalization. To think, if we have NEVER been in a hospital for ANY MAJOR illness, injury, sickness, disease, or broken bone; we dread that day like Death Itself! So… when this attack occurred then I hesitated calling 911, I did not go to the Emergency Room, nor Urgent Care. After all, it was just GAS on my stomach! BAD MISTAKE!  I had no medication at the time to take, as I had to force myself to drive to a meeting, THAT WASN’T AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY!  I told my “friends” if I pass out or look like I am in serious emergency, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! DON’T HESSITATE TO CALL 911!   They said they definitely would, but continued non-stop talking about THEMSELVES!  I finally, had to excuse myself to drive home, which I could barely walk to my car, except at a snail’s pace. NOBODY CARED! EVERYONE IGNORED ME!   Does any of this sound familiar?  Jesus found, that He too went through this, very much! When He expected family, friends, ANYONE, to be there for him, they weren’t!  Many a sleepless night, many an uncomfortable moment, and yet even the Angels of Heaven couldn’t prevent what HE HAD to go through! We too may lose the incentive just to want to eat or do anything for ourselves. But, Jesus NEVER GAVE UP NO MATTER WHAT! And neither should we. Amen  

Feelings: My Life Lesson from yesterday. By Timothy Baugh.

Lately, I have taken my own personal Life Experiences and reflect back upon what I have learnt. Yesterday was a day I overslept. When I did awake to my day, I began my morning devotionals. I usually start my day about 3:00 AM, Believe it or not! Because, as a totally single man, I have a million and one thoughts that distract my thinking. ANYTHING! Mosquito bites. Whatever! I’m sure Dorothy, my dog who I force to sleep with me out of insecurity, hates that idea!  Once I start my reading, I usually don’t even want to say, “Good Morning, Lord!” Granted, despite my continual dialogue in my mind with Him; I don’t. I don’t care about reading. How truly boring this is! I ask the Lord, after saying, “Good Morning, Lord!” “What is the Lesson you wish to teach me today?” He said, “It is going to be about Feelings. Your feelings and how you cope with them.” O.K.  As if I don’t know my own feelings! Reading, I try to get the input of what is said. I usually skip to the more important stuff! How sad. Jesus tells me to “FOCUS!” I read each section of the material and conclude that each page is the Truth and very good! My prayers are very, very weak and insincere; although I truly “TRY” to mean them with ALL OF MY BEING! I try to get up to get dressed. Major accomplishment! Every little detail of my little Life is planned! I stuff Everything into my shoes and pockets to prevent me from having to make several trips up and down the stairs! Gingerly carrying my load in my right arm, I say, “I wish I were DEAD! Lord, I’m so frustrated living this way!   He says: Timothy, I LOVE YOU! Do you believe this?” I quickly apologize although “Repentance” is very difficult. I go literally through every room. I find Dog mess on the very expensive 18th Century Persian rug Living Room floor! Grippingly, yet reluctantly I clean it up. Again, I apologize to the Lord and forgive the dog. At the very end of the day, regardless of whatever occurred, I end my day with the Lord. Lust, passion, on and on and on. I meet myself, the Devil, my Ego, and my VERY BEST FRIEND!    Do I have all of Life figured out? NO!, Definitely not! But I do have Him.       My Father God, how I am truly sorry for how I acted yesterday. I can not last a day without you. Please, forgive me! Wash me once again, and make me whole. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

Our Degrees of Maturity. (Or, Does God have a “Split- personality”?). By Timothy Baugh.

These were my thoughts for today. I don’t ask you to agree or disagree. They ‘just are’.   I am trying to adjust myself to “Being fully and completely Jesus’ Disciple”. I am going through my “rebellion phase”, so to speak. My Ego, Self/Self-will, Soul questions my “errors in judgement” and “degree of overall maturity”. Like a very immature child, I addictively/obsessive-compulsively go back to my “old habits” and “former actions/memories” to comfort me in my aloneness.   Then I have the incredibly audacious thought, “What if God, BEING ALL, is in some very remote (perish the thought!) sense, BOTH GOOD AND EVIL?” Okay, strike me dead dear reader, and condemn me to the lowest Hell with Hitler and Judas Iscariot!   You see, WE, not God, are determining some things. And despite the Bible being “inspired” and declared “Holy”; IT ‘AS SUCH’, IS NOT GOD! It was written by men all the same. And God NEVER expected us to “worship” A BOOK! So…. Does God have a “Split- personality”? Could He be BOTH Good and the one who “allows/permits” EVIL? YES! “ALLOWS AND PERMITS”, but “GOOD” IS NOT EVIL, AND VICE VERSA!   Our motivations lie as the basis of all our innermost decision-making. And it really isn’t ANYTHING AT ALL until WE “determine”, along WITH GOD just ‘what’ we will ACT upon! Sin is such. Evil “cooperates” with God’s Purposes and Design. I get it, but I most certainly don’t want to ACCEPT IT!  God help us all; as we do try, ever so hard, to get things right.

A new insight! (A lesson learnt from my dog.) By Timothy Baugh. August 12, 2019

I learnt something interesting that came to my mind today. I say, “It came from the LORD GOD HIMSELF.” But you can be the judge of that.   When I placed my dog, Dorothy, down from my bed today; she subsequently wandered to the foot of the bed and shook herself. I asked the LORD, “Why does she always do that?”   Here is His answer to me.  “Dogs and Cats are sometimes like this. You may think it strange. Don’t they LIKE me? NO! it isn’t for that at all. Most all animals have their own protective space, as do Humans. That is the obvious Physical reason. BUT… there IS a “Spiritual component” that we do not even normally consider. Could it be that animals, since the Beginning of “Creation”, have developed as a ‘defense mechanism’ this automatic reflex reaction as a result OF MAN’S SIN? You “see” animals are, by far, more highly sensitive than people. However, MAN IS NOW “SUPERIOR” to them. They fear, as they detect in their spirits, SIN. Therefore, they may “shake off” this ‘negative’ vibrational frequency as a way of telling you/us, “I want no part of this! Don’t touch me with that!” Something to think about.

My obedient and repentant “purple” heart. By Timothy Baugh.

As I consider what to write about today; this very strange (strange to others, not to me) thought that came to me. Mine is a “purple” heart! Why the color purple? Automatically many will think, “Oh, he’s thinking of the military medal given by the United States of America’s President for heroism in a time of wartime activity.” NO! that is NOT what I’m thinking of! Yes, such ideas as bravery, devotion, faithfulness and great sacrifice come to me as symbolically associated with the color purple. BUT, I’M THINKING ALWAYS, AS BEST I CAN, OF “GOD” and NOT MY SELF!  So…. does “GOD” ACTUALLY AND LITERALLY HAVE A HEART THAT’S “PURPLE”? And just as important, do I have a similar “purple” heart? Yes, and no. Mine can NEVER, EVER, BE THE LOVE, DEVOTION, AND FAITHFULNESS OF GOD! (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). And yet…. I AM BEING COMFORMED TO THE IMAGE OF GOD ‘IN CHRIST’. And so are you!   “Symbolically” speaking YES, “GOD” IS NOW HUMAN. So, yes He literally has what we have designated/worded as a “heart”. Is it “symbolically” purple for me, only because: TO THOSE WHO SEE THINGS SPIRITUALLY, IT IS this “color” of absolute humility, complete healing, and total Wisdom personified! It also radiates with the most beautiful “colors” of the rainbow. In particular a heavenly golden light. Like Jesus Christ, my heart is also obedient (not totally, but I’m learning) and repentant.       Oh Lord Jesus, Thank You! Hallelujah and Amen.