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As I begin to write these words know most assuredly that I am not one who claims to be anyone, or anything apart from a child of God. I am not a Prophet, Holy Man, or more saintly a person than any other individual.   Nor do I profess a new teaching, gospel, or revelation to entice you to embrace my ideas. I am only too aware of my own faults and weaknesses to even think of self exaltation.   My express desire is for you to be like the one the Bible calls Jesus Christ. Not AS, but again LIKE Jesus Christ. Hopefully you can distinguish “imitation” from “replication”; as there can only be one and one alone.   I have found that the whole Bible was written to uncover or reveal the very thoughts and feelings of this man called Jesus Christ.   Specifically, this was revealed most profoundly to me in Psalm 40 verse 7 of the Psalms of David. Here it says: “Then said I, (Christ speaking prophetically to us) Lo, (Look) I come: in the volume of the book (the Bible) it is written of me.”   Once I had truly grasped the significance of these words; then did the Bible really open up to me. That was June 3, 2002. Several years, and yes, Life Lessons later have brought me to this place in my ongoing journey for the Truth- of wondering just what and how did Jesus really think? So taking this as my stating point; I later thought: What if by prayer and meditation into these prophetic words I (or anyone) could enter into the very mind, heart, and spirit of Christ? Was this even possible? If it was; just how was I to do this?   Naturally, I am (as most people I feel are) very ‘Egocentric’. By this, I mean that most everyone is to some degree or another focused on their own wants and needs.   Jesus Christ was the only truly selfless individual. He concentrated entirely on the Will of God (His Father) and on helping others.   Upon reading in the Bible, the book of Job, the book of Psalms, the book of Proverbs, and the book of Ecclesiastes; I found that htese books particularly spoke to me in sections prophetically of the mind, heart, and spirit of Christ.   I have decided to take these words among the many I have found and to write prayers and meditations for daily living as a result. It should go without saying that to “die” or to “empty one’s self” of all egocentric, selfishly directed thoughts should be the first step towards reaching the ultimate goal one hopes to achieve. Still, one has to start wherever one happens to be in Life and work from there.   Slowly, prayerfully, reverently, meditatively think on these words. May Jesus Christ alone, by His Holy Spirit, conform your life, your will… your mind, heart, and spirit to His own. Amen.

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Hello, My name is Timothy Baugh. As I begin to write these words; know most assuredly that I am not one who claims to be anyone, or anything apart from a child of God. I am not a Prophet, Holy Man, or more saintly a person than any other individual. Nor do I profess a new teaching, gospel, or revelation to entice you to embrace my ideas. I am only too aware of my own faults and weaknesses to even think of self exaltation.   My express desire is for you to be like the one the Bible calls Jesus Christ. Not AS, but again LIKE Jesus Christ. Hopefully you can distinguish “imitation” from “replication”; as there can only be one and one alone.   I have found that the whole Bible was written to uncover or reveal the very thoughts and feelings (howbeit, sometimes to be spiritually discerned) of this man…

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The Master Of The Waves. (Re-written as inspired: Copyrighted by Timothy Baugh). An allegory. December 29, 2018.

The great rivers of this Life are in the power of the Lord. And they carry headlong all those who despise Him: and entangle their paths. They sweep away their banks. (they know no boundaries to the damage they can cause). Their flooding catches the bodies (of weak, sinful ones) and destroy their lives. For they (Life’s trials, tribulations, and hardships) are more swift than lightning and more aggressive. Those who cross (meet them) in faith are not moved (troubled or distressed); And all those who walk on them without blemish (in purity) shall not be afraid. For the lesson in them is what the Lord hath done. All those who cross (meet) them in faith are not moved. (troubled or distressed). Put on, therefore, the name of the Lord (Jesus Christ), and know Him. Then, you shall cross them without danger, for the rivers (and seas) will be subject to you. The Lord (Jesus Christ Himself) has bridged them by His own word; and He walked and crossed them on foot. His footsteps stood firm on the water (undisturbed) and were not injured; they were as firm as a tree that is set strong against the winds. Even though the waves were lifted up on this side and that, yet the footsteps of our Lord Messiah stood firm and were not deterred from their purpose. And a similar way is appointed for those who cross after Him. And for those who will adhere (steadfastly) to the course of faith in Him, who worship His name. Hallelujah. So be it.

“For all that I have written here, it may mean very little if anything. What does matter in the final analysis is whether some Truth was shared with you that could possibly help you in your own life.” Timothy Baugh. October 21, 2016.

For me to even suspect that others would daily read my blog, or even “get anything out of it” is possibly hoping for too much. That alone, doesn’t matter to me so much anymore. I have surrendered my personal ambitions for success in this endeavor; and leave the outcome to God to prosper as He sees fit. No ‘arm twisting’ or coercion is taking place here. You always have, and will have the freedom to read or go on to do something more enlightening.    The thing is… MOST PEOPLE HAVEN’T REALLY EXAMINED OR “LOOKED OVER” ANY OF THIS BLOG! That much saddens me. But, if only for my own sake; I will continue to write, hoping that someone other than me will read any of it! If you happen to read this today GOD BLESS YOU! You, for one, have made my day a little more pleasant and rewarding. Here is my Truth for you today: “The mediator between the head and the hands must be the heart!” None of what I say matters if your heart is not in the right place. All that you may know won’t help you. Nor will what you attempt to do, UNLESS your heart is for the Truth! May what truth I have shared help you today.    PS: What is here is ALL OPEN for you to purview. Don’t just stop at the entry for today! Enjoy it all, and comment if you’d like to.

When all is said and done. January 15, 2020. By Timothy Baugh.

Here I am today, trying to figure out what to do now, and why. My Life is like this frequently. I start out wondering how to best use my time, and I am still left wondering when all is said and done. Such are my days. Are they unfulfilled? Are they mostly empty and void of any enthusiasm? I wonder. I wonder why I think I am SO VERY UNIQUE in that experience. Doesn’t everyone experience this?   My day stretches out before me like a newly clean and white table cloth. It is the cleanness and newness that makes it special. But the whiteness is boring, dull, and totally uninteresting. It almost makes me numb. I search for meaning and purpose in this sea of white table cloths, my days. Beautiful and nice to look at; but nothing of interest to me! Do I really find Life so very uninteresting? Not always, but I do now, at this moment. I am trying to accept it all. ALL OF IT. But, it is very hard. In fact, the majority of my days are now like this. A friend of mine says to another person, “Thank you”. To which he replies, “For what?” So do I say the same.   If you only knew of how it is for me. I am comfortable with GOD and my dog, Dorothy. Yet, I am not comfortable with much of others, or much of Life. Am I now suicidal? NOT EVEN CLOSE! I may be many things, but suicidal is NEVER one of them.  Anyhow… I will now try to think more positive, happy, joyous, and productive (LOL) thoughts about everything. The “Laugh Out Loud” in parentheses meant I’m not productive now. God is so very good to me. Even when I feel “out of sorts” with how things are going; He ALWAYS makes my day end on a ‘good note’, so to speak.   My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, how I love you despite what the content of my days may bring to me. I can not complain. I do, and yet, I don’t really. You know what I’m trying to say. Help me to, once again, make the best of every day! This day included. Take away the hurt of those, who can not be ‘genuine enough’ to me to speak to me of how I did them wrong. Such people continue to be loved by me; but I feel their love for me is phony. In Your Holy Name I, We, ALL pray now and always to Your glory and honor. Amen.

How do you communicate with others if what you are trying to say or write is not going to be accepted or wanted? January 14, 2020. By Timothy Baugh

Apparently, it is impossible or nearly so, to communicate with others who do not accept it or want it in any sense! Nowadays, you would do well to keep all of your thoughts, feelings, ideas, etcetera to yourself rather than reveal it to anyone. Why? Because most all people do not care be united to you IF they would tend to lose something. They must weigh out the option of sacrificing something of value to themselves; whether it be availability, beliefs, their rights, their opinions, etcetera, etcetera. I don’t know why I am even writing, so as to publish ANY of this, knowing that it probably will never be read by most people. Or should I say, “Peep hole”. Like those who have an extremely narrow vision in which they view most everything; we, as humans, pick and chose just what we will accept or want. I find that for me at least; Life is just me, my Dog, and GOD. Other people don’t call, write, visit, OR EVEN THINK, OR FEEL ABOUT ME “UNLESS” they ‘want’ something or want me to ‘accept’ the condition of something or someone. (Think about that for yourself as well.) How desperately I wish people truly cared about others in this life! The very notion that we all have become that Self-absorbed truly grieves me. “We” MUST do something about it. Otherwise, we, not anyone else are “shutting others out”, so to speak.   My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am feeling now, once again, how people are ignoring me. Am I wrong about that? or rather, Are WE wrong about that? Is it just me, or do we really do this to each other ALL THE TIME? Perhaps, sometimes. Perhaps not. I accept Life and all it offers just like I accept You and all you offer. Some may not want ‘that much’. I, Timothy Baugh (I can’t speak for others) WANT THAT MUCH. I know that You are Life Itself; as You spoke those very words, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” How I wish ALL could see that. Life does not come to us as what we want of it. You, as Life Itself, comes to us as what YOU WANT. A very hard and incomprehensible concept, but THE TRUTH all the same. “Thank you Lord for making my life what it is.” How we all need to be able to say that. In Your Holy Name, Jesus Christ, we LIVE, AND MOVE, AND HAVE OUR BEING. Amen.    

I may have overstepped my boundaries with a friend. She has cut me off, and subsequently much in my life is now altered irrevocably. December 8, 2019.

I am trying very hard to recover from a devastating sense of loss, of both productiveness and friendships.   I will try to explain this to you, however I really don’t know WHO may read this other than me. My life is truly lonely as it is. It just became much lonelier! My friend’s name is Pat or Patricia Veen (as she is also called). I was just one of several other Co-administrators on her blogsite here on WordPress.com.  The problem occurred when I wrote and published a post on our THEN “shared” Blogsite. She subsequently then took it too personally (apparently, unbeknown to me, I had hurt her feelings) and decided to dump me altogether. Boy, people can be so hard to determine! Had I known, I could have exercised a little more caution. I IN NO WAY EVER INTENDED TO HURT HER OR ANYONE OF MY “THEN” readers to the site!  Hence, the impact of her move affected the friendships I had acquired up to that time.   I felt that what I had written, at the time, was inspired by THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD (I’m serious!). Was I wrong? I don’t know, but I didn’t think or feel so AT THE TIME. So… I acted in complete innocence. It was not as if I had any malicious intent towards ANYONE. I only wanted to convey my unique experience, and share with her and others. I am writing this now wondering: Was this some kind of warning to me and others???  Would she possibly do/treat others as what she did me. Her Blog is entitled, “From The Darkness Into The Light”. (I AM NOT SAYING I KNOW IF SHE EVER WOULD). Anyhow… I have rambled on here. GOD BLESS PAT VEEN (Child of God) and her Blogsite! I sincerely, genuinely mean that. And GOD BLESS EVERYONE NOW AND ALWAYS. Timothy Baugh

When your perception of the world about you and your reality IN the world is altered by eye drops. By Timothy Baugh. December 4, 2019.

I write this post after yesterday’s unique experience.  I was supposed to go to have my eyes dilated after seeing an Optometrist for night- driving glasses. I was told it would affect my vision. Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps) it also altered the way I perceive myself and my place in the world as well! I was later feeling both gigantic in size, as well as normal. I was feeling very energetic, yet very relaxed. It was both dark and light, visually speaking; yet mentally I was amazed and bewildered. Alert, yet confused. Self-sufficient, yet helpless in many respects.  The effects of these eye drops lasted several hours until the early morning (about 3:00 AM) the next day. Today I am much more “returned to normal”, so to speak. I prayed at 3:00 in the morning and began to burst into tears. I didn’t start out feeling particularly sad or depressed. Was I overstressed, overanxious, overburdened? I don’t know. After a ‘good cry’ to the LORD GOD (specifically: FATHER, MOTHER, LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE); I ended, “In the Name of Your Beloved Holy Son Jesus Christ I pray and ask these things. Amen”. Was the prayer alone all it really took to bring me out of it? I wonder.  My housekeeper came about 7:00 AM in pouring rain. But I was then so very glad to see him. My day began to pick up after that. Despite a trip in the rain to the pet store and the bank; I made it home. Hence we can see how there just may be a connection between our eyes and every other part of our being.  My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, how we, Your Children, don’t see how we are a ‘composite’ Being of Body, Soul, and Spirit. Our Minds and emotions are also at play here. What may affect just one thing (or so we suppose) MAY just affect our whole being. We “return to normal” the moment we “look to you”. Thank you for Your Presence always. Amen.      

“God, was I really just acting when I thought I was going through intense pain?” (Part One of my true account.) By Timothy Baugh

Yesterday, as I was exiting my church with one of the ladies there; I had a sharp, intense pain on my right lower side of my ribs. Since I was earlier diagnosed as having Chronic Stage Three Kidney Disease; I thought, “Maybe my Kidneys are malfunctioning or something.” I quickly grabbed the area and said “OW!!!” The lady who was with me believed I was in serious pain. Then again, “AHH!!!” The pain jumped around and traveled to the left upper side of my chest. HEART ATTACK! maybe I’m having a heart attack!  I was quickly rushed inside to sit down. “Do you want me to call for help? Maybe I should get the Pastor? Call 911?”  “No, I’ll just sit down and rest awhile.” Maybe you should have some water? “Yes, and maybe someone can pray for me!” A Latino/Spanish speaking Pastor, who also shared the building, laid hands on me and prayed in both English and Spanish. The Pastor of my church congregation came and asked what was wrong. I explained as best, as well as others, what was going on. After much debate on the course of action to take; it was finally decided that the Pastor would follow me closely while I drove myself home. I was still shaking, but not as visibly white as I once was. The Pastor lingered to assure himself that I was alright before leaving. Was I alright? Was this all just gas on my stomach, nerves, muscle cramps, what? I called the Trustee over my home/estate. What does he REALLY CARE! Will he come to my rescue? I felt God had told me, “I am giving you a reprieve.” Was He really? or was this just my imagination? Had I only been “Play acting” all along? No real help was offered by the Trustee. He told me, “Call me back if it is a real emergency! Otherwise, call John, my Partner in my Gay Marriage.” Okaay. And “John will come by tomorrow to help you pay your bills.” I decided to rest 1 hour and then try to cautiously drive myself just down the street from my house to Mc Donald’s for lunch. Having made it there and back home, WITHOUT ANY CELL PHONE, I decide the worse was over. I tried to use the toilet only to discover BLOOD had filled the bowl. But it was possibly due to anything right? No need to worry, or should I? Anyway… this is how my days typically go. Never is it without drama or unexpected excitement and surprise. Life is full of various cares, concerns, anxieties, fears, and worries. Hardly a moment passes for me that someone is not forgetting about how their demands may just make my Life a little more difficult for me.   My LORD GOD, You alone are my Savior, Master, and King. I have little, if absolutely no control over the various aches and pains of this body of mine. Please help me, and us all. We, your Children have no idea why all this is happening to us. This world can be so unpredictable to live in. We don’t like that others can control the quality and quantity of our time on Earth. They can make it a Literal Hell/Heaven for us of their choice. We are helpless without You. Although given a reprieve; sometimes we would like to comprehend Your Ways better. We want more certainty when faced with uncertainty. We trust your faithfulness and goodness always, but doubt our own human weakness and frailty. Oh, Lord God, Where are you really when we feel so alone with all of our problems? When others shout, “Do this, Do that!” do we take the time to ask what is it that you want of us? Maybe a little less of Self and more of You. Thank you Jesus Christ that IT WILL ALL WORK OUT FOR THE BEST. In Your Holy Name I surrender my all to you this day. Teach me all that I need to cope with each day’s stresses. Amen. 

Perhaps everything is but a dream of reality. Maybe you just believe it is so! By Timothy Baugh.

Jesus said: “If you can believe, ALL THINGS BECOME POSSIBLE to him that believes”. Mark 9:23. (My own paraphrase).   I am not trying to shock and awe anyone here. This may be legitimate. Consider… you are eating your Cheerios for breakfast, with your coffee and water to take your pills, or vitamins for the day. Are you really? or are you in “God’s Dream” of your doing this? Maybe, your still asleep and just can’t wake up! or perhaps in your own dreaming, it is REALLY just gas on your stomach from last night’s meal?!   What I am saying is; how do we really KNOW?  At this point, (I say this jokingly) you may be pinching yourself or slapping yourself awake!   Jesus wants us to trust Him. He never told his disciples, “Well, you’ll figure it all out eventually. Go and have a great time!” NO!!! He said he would instruct and TEACH THEM. How, we don’t know except for what we read in the New Testament. Perhaps, he oftentimes did not have to say anything. Perhaps, their own, what we call “Consciousness” was ONE with Jesus’s Spirit enough to allow the inner dialoging to convince them, at times, of His Presence. We’ll never know. Perhaps Jesus told them, in the language of their time: “I AM YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS !” (Just not in our Modern vernacular). Consider… Isn’t this startling revelation TRUE for us Disciples too?   I know, you may be saying, “Well, if I never have read of this before on your blog; it most certainly is a mind-boggling concept!”   My Lord Jesus Christ, please help us all to understand how different your ways are from ours. We can’t even begin to wrap our minds around it. And whereas, here, Timothy may be presenting to us bold, innovative, and unusual concepts; maybe, just maybe, those in this post are 100% TRUE! Help us not to be closed-minded Christians. In your holy Name Lord Jesus we pray. Amen.

Frustration: How to die from it! By Timothy Baugh. October 7, 2019.

Allow me this small indulgence of relating my day. (Or, you can ignore this post altogether!)   I can’t stand the frustration of daily Life. Who can REALLY!  Today, my frustration was San Marino Security Systems, Inc.  I could barely leave my home without them dispatching the police within 15 minutes of my leaving! My poor dog, Dorothy, as good a dog as any, can’t move or jump in my home. They say the “motion detectors” will go off. When I leave; they call me on my Cell Phone and IMMEDIATELY want me back home! They will call every 15 minutes to rush my arrival.  When I arrive at home, and explain everything to the officer; he thinks he must be talking to some senile old man. He shows ME how to “properly” open my back door. He tells me, “Well, if your Trustees to your Estate had fixed the lock to your back door right the very “first” thing; you wouldn’t have this problem to begin with. AAARGH!!!  Please officer, just kill me with your gun now.   Can you relate?  Then I have to WAIT, until they return my call before I can even eat!!!  Jesus Christ knew of this kind of frustration far more than I EVER would or could. When I feel like just giving up; HE NEVER, EVER, WILL GIVE UP ON ME! I cry, I weep, I curse and swear. Yet, Jesus listens patiently and says, “I am here. Be not afraid.” Oh, the very depths of the Love and Grace of God. I could close my eyes, or open them, and ALL I SEE reminds me that HE IS HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE! I could live homeless, sleeping in a dumpster; yet I would be as secure as a baby at its mother’s breast. I could have my Life crumble all around me, yet HE would BE THERE, all the same. I have the very best! What more could anyone want? Jesus, my Lord and Savior, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My tears could never say enough. Amen.