About: The Spiritual Life Journal of Timothy Baugh. (Walking on the narrow path. The works of Timothy Baugh.- About me, or My Introduction).

As I begin to write these words know most assuredly that I am not one who claims to be anyone, or anything apart from a child of God. I am not a Prophet, Holy Man, or more saintly a person than any other individual.   Nor do I profess a new teaching, gospel, or revelation to entice you to embrace my ideas. I am only too aware of my own faults and weaknesses to even think of self exaltation.   My express desire is for you to be like the one the Bible calls Jesus Christ. Not AS, but again LIKE Jesus Christ. Hopefully you can distinguish “imitation” from “replication”; as there can only be one and one alone.   I have found that the whole Bible was written to uncover or reveal the very thoughts and feelings of this man called Jesus Christ.   Specifically, this was revealed most profoundly to me in Psalm 40 verse 7 of the Psalms of David. Here it says: “Then said I, (Christ speaking prophetically to us) Lo, (Look) I come: in the volume of the book (the Bible) it is written of me.”   Once I had truly grasped the significance of these words; then did the Bible really open up to me. That was June 3, 2002. Several years, and yes, Life Lessons later have brought me to this place in my ongoing journey for the Truth- of wondering just what and how did Jesus really think? So taking this as my stating point; I later thought: What if by prayer and meditation into these prophetic words I (or anyone) could enter into the very mind, heart, and spirit of Christ? Was this even possible? If it was; just how was I to do this?   Naturally, I am (as most people I feel are) very ‘Egocentric’. By this, I mean that most everyone is to some degree or another focused on their own wants and needs.   Jesus Christ was the only truly selfless individual. He concentrated entirely on the Will of God (His Father) and on helping others.   Upon reading in the Bible, the book of Job, the book of Psalms, the book of Proverbs, and the book of Ecclesiastes; I found that htese books particularly spoke to me in sections prophetically of the mind, heart, and spirit of Christ.   I have decided to take these words among the many I have found and to write prayers and meditations for daily living as a result. It should go without saying that to “die” or to “empty one’s self” of all egocentric, selfishly directed thoughts should be the first step towards reaching the ultimate goal one hopes to achieve. Still, one has to start wherever one happens to be in Life and work from there.   Slowly, prayerfully, reverently, meditatively think on these words. May Jesus Christ alone, by His Holy Spirit, conform your life, your will… your mind, heart, and spirit to His own. Amen.

How our Life Works. The additional works of Timothy Baugh.

Hello, My name is Timothy Baugh. As I begin to write these words; know most assuredly that I am not one who claims to be anyone, or anything apart from a child of God. I am not a Prophet, Holy Man, or more saintly a person than any other individual. Nor do I profess a new teaching, gospel, or revelation to entice you to embrace my ideas. I am only too aware of my own faults and weaknesses to even think of self exaltation.   My express desire is for you to be like the one the Bible calls Jesus Christ. Not AS, but again LIKE Jesus Christ. Hopefully you can distinguish “imitation” from “replication”; as there can only be one and one alone.   I have found that the whole Bible was written to uncover or reveal the very thoughts and feelings (howbeit, sometimes to be spiritually discerned) of this man…

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The Master Of The Waves. (Re-written as inspired: Copyrighted by Timothy Baugh). An allegory. December 29, 2018.

The great rivers of this Life are in the power of the Lord. And they carry headlong all those who despise Him: and entangle their paths. They sweep away their banks. (they know no boundaries to the damage they can cause). Their flooding catches the bodies (of weak, sinful ones) and destroy their lives. For they (Life’s trials, tribulations, and hardships) are more swift than lightning and more aggressive. Those who cross (meet them) in faith are not moved (troubled or distressed); And all those who walk on them without blemish (in purity) shall not be afraid. For the lesson in them is what the Lord hath done. All those who cross (meet) them in faith are not moved. (troubled or distressed). Put on, therefore, the name of the Lord (Jesus Christ), and know Him. Then, you shall cross them without danger, for the rivers (and seas) will be subject to you. The Lord (Jesus Christ Himself) has bridged them by His own word; and He walked and crossed them on foot. His footsteps stood firm on the water (undisturbed) and were not injured; they were as firm as a tree that is set strong against the winds. Even though the waves were lifted up on this side and that, yet the footsteps of our Lord Messiah stood firm and were not deterred from their purpose. And a similar way is appointed for those who cross after Him. And for those who will adhere (steadfastly) to the course of faith in Him, who worship His name. Hallelujah. So be it.

“For all that I have written here, it may mean very little if anything. What does matter in the final analysis is whether some Truth was shared with you that could possibly help you in your own life.” Timothy Baugh. October 21, 2016.

For me to even suspect that others would daily read my blog, or even “get anything out of it” is possibly hoping for too much. That alone, doesn’t matter to me so much anymore. I have surrendered my personal ambitions for success in this endeavor; and leave the outcome to God to prosper as He sees fit. No ‘arm twisting’ or coercion is taking place here. You always have, and will have the freedom to read or go on to do something more enlightening.    The thing is… MOST PEOPLE HAVEN’T REALLY EXAMINED OR “LOOKED OVER” ANY OF THIS BLOG! That much saddens me. But, if only for my own sake; I will continue to write, hoping that someone other than me will read any of it! If you happen to read this today GOD BLESS YOU! You, for one, have made my day a little more pleasant and rewarding. Here is my Truth for you today: “The mediator between the head and the hands must be the heart!” None of what I say matters if your heart is not in the right place. All that you may know won’t help you. Nor will what you attempt to do, UNLESS your heart is for the Truth! May what truth I have shared help you today.    PS: What is here is ALL OPEN for you to purview. Don’t just stop at the entry for today! Enjoy it all, and comment if you’d like to.

Have you lost your faith? By Timothy Baugh. May 10, 2020.

I am writing this post today on Mother’s Day. I haven’t loss my faith in the good things about Mothers. Nor have I loss my faith in believing, as what I was told since a very young child: that all truly good people go to Heaven.   Today I wonder, have I loss my faith in “religious observances”? I no longer attend an actual Church service at a church building. My former church, Church of the Foothills, was allowing me to connect with them via Cell phone. After calling a Zoom number that would connect me to somewhere in Massachusetts I could then choose to be on the phone for possibly two hours to hear my Pastor’s sermon. That is, IF I could remember all the necessary ‘passwords’ and ‘passcodes’ to connect with anyone to begin with. I found I just don’t need the complicated hassle, nor do I, being half deaf really hear everything. So… have I “given up” on God and “the Church” altogether. No, absolutely not! I still would not mind seeing these people or fellowshipping with them. I just don’t see that as happening now. They are not truly interested in my most recent Refrigerator breakdown that put me without any Refrigerator/Freezer for 3 days. Nor if I had my car break down and was unable likewise for 3 days not even to go anywhere. Jesus is always interested in every minute detail of my life. Even when it seems nobody else cares or wants to get caught up in my weekly drama. So, I ask you: Have you loss YOUR faith? or do you trust in God? God helps me through EVERYTHING. Does He help you?

Reconnecting with the past. By Timothy Baugh. May 7, 2020

I haven’t written anything to be posted for about a little over three weeks now. I know that very, very few people actually read and show any real interest in my blog here anymore. I also like to write as inspired. Obviously, nothing has inspired me until now. It is more a attempt to reconnect with the past. Our past… was it good or bad, a happy and joyous time filled with many good friends and family; or was it terrible altogether? Many people live life like this. What of the present? Isn’t it important too?  Many people do not want to face the present moment. Jesus didn’t like many moments in His own life either. Neither will we. Jesus knew that much of life will either lift you up or bring you down. So what do you think? Is Life meant to be a drag. Don’t let it get you down okay?! Amen

I wish to see your face once again. By Timothy Baugh.

Hi again, I know it has been such a very long  since I last posted anything. I wish to see anyone without a mask on. Such makes me think we are all living as though we don’t want to be seen by others anymore. We don’t want others to see our fear, our sickness, our pain, our insecurities, our loneliness. We don’t even want some people to be near us, or even to touch us anymore. We don’t see the actual person much. Perhaps it is only a virtual presence we see or now know. I am all alone and mostly bored on any given day. Being single is much harder than having one “other” person living with you. A dog can make you believe in love, but humans do much better at letting us know for certain. It is difficult to go anywhere, even with your dog anymore. A friend made this odd statement, “Maybe we can just go to a park to walk 6 feet apart from one another with a mask and gloves.” What?! How is that any kind of fellowship or togetherness. Would she drive 20-35 miles from her home to just walk in a park away from me? How sad. This Coronavirus is either God’s blessing or His curse upon all of humanity. Why? Why would He do this to us? Perhaps, because we have forgotten how much He really loves us. Perhaps we think that He doesn’t care. Or maybe, we doubt His goodness and faithfulness. However it is, we must not believe in the lie. We must not believe that He is NOT in control of all of this, and that we somehow deserved all of this. Jesus Christ IS DEFINITELY COMING BACK! Believe it or not, it IS HAPPENING! How soon? I wish I could tell you. But He Himself said, “Of that day or hour no man shall know. Not even I myself know. Only my Father in Heaven knows that much.” But if He promised; He will keep His word since God cannot lie.  Come quickly Lord Jesus. We need to see each other once again.

“The End” may come much sooner than we think! March 17, 2020.

If this thought has not crossed your mind in some sense lately, you are either living a lie, or believing in the impossible. I myself am struggling, as I know most everyone is nowadays. This Coronavirus, whether we DO choose to believe in it or not, will be our undoing. It seems to be The End of the World, so to speak. Fear and panic have taken over our lives. Others hold on to their optimism despite their ready admittance that we are NOT in a good place right now. I see very long lines at stores to get even the most essential items. Things are flying off the shelves as we scramble to get what we deem necessary for ourselves. Life has gotten extremely hard for some, while others are living as if there is no tomorrow. When we all are eating cans of dog or cat food to survive; then just maybe we will admit how bad it really is! My faith is in Jesus Christ, He alone is my ONLY hope and means of salvation from this or anything else. Friends of mine who are Christians, who do believe in some kind of a God, take it as it is. No anxiety, no fear, no panic, no worry, just resignation to that inevitable END that we all must face. Whatever is beyond this Life is far, far, better than what we are currently living in for them. They all take it “One Day At A Time”, so to speak. Vacations for me and others may have to come to a halt. But that “ultimate vacation” into the Hereafter seems to be all that is preferable for them. God help us all. Keep on believing in the very best outcome for everything. And let us all hope that “The End” never comes. Amen.

Our Life as a mystery to be embraced.

Hello there once again. I once again am planning on a vacation to Cambria, California between April 20th till April 25th. I am in no condition mentally to take this trip… or so it seems. My mind gets very easily confused. I can not see while driving at night the road signs, freeway on and offramps, maps, and most other things.  I have a brand new iPhone, yet it was given to me by someone else. I don’t know how I will use it while driving, or whether I can. I don’t find it easy to use since this is all my very first time of owning one. I am now 61 years of age, but dementia may already be affecting me.   I had taxes to do recently. A major undertaking for me. So very overwhelming and exhausting to have had to go through.  Life seems to have lost a lot of it’s luster and I don’t feel very enthusiastic about anything. Even eating seems to be taken as routinely as usual. Yet, through all of this; I am persevering. I am trying to embrace the Life I have been given. (I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean!) Perhaps I will know one day in the Hereafter. My faith in God’s Son, Jesus Christ is ALL that gets me through any day. I hope that you never give up on yourself. I won’t give up on myself as well. Let’s all live with hope. Amen.

Does God test me through the content of my dreams while sleeping? February 16, 2020. By Timothy Baugh.

Hello there, I decided to write this post as the idea was still fresh in my mind.  This idea may or may not have ever occurred to you. Does God test us through the content of our dreams while sleeping? Most people, Atheists, and Agnostics would not give the question the effort of thought. Why should I, or ANYONE care one way or another?!  They would look at the question as something, if God was TRULY INTERESTED IN IT; then He is very strange indeed!   I ask the question of myself, you don’t ever need to bother. But it does make me wonder. It makes me wonder why it is that our minds (Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious) or whatever, however; how it is that they think the way they do, and produce this stuff? Why do we think, in dreams so much like we are there? When “flying” don’t we realize that we really can’t? When witnessing or participating in something there, don’t we realize that WE REALLY ARE NOT THERE?  Life is like this. Oftentimes we will think that what is occurring at the moment is real only to find that it is only an illusion. When a Magician fools us into believing he can saw a woman in two and then put her back together; we must admit that we are having the limits to our ready acceptance of things suspended just long enough to test our “credulity level”. Could this be happening on a level within us that we do not discern? AND, is this a test from ourselves or another? Do WE “OWN” consciousness, or is it ‘gifted’ unto us? Certainly that is a very interesting thing to consider.   I think that God Himself is Consciousness, Life, Mind, Personality, and Being. God is also non-gender specific and can be Light and Love. God can be Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. God can also be Mother, Daughter, and your eternal Comfort. God can be for Gay people as well as ANY people. And God can speak to you, us through any means possible. Should we examine the content of our dreams? I will leave ‘that much’ for you to wonder about.

How it is that: As your thinking goes, so goes your entire being. By Timothy Baugh. February 12, 2020.

This statement, in and of itself is an enigma. That is, it is a riddle. Or rather, a very puzzling statement.   This is the Word of the Lord Jesus as it came to me today.  What could this odd statement mean. Does it mean: 1. That as we age, our memories (as they begin to fail us) will cause our personality to change so much that we become a different person to others? or 2. That the direction that we allow our thoughts to follow will determine what path our life will take? or 3. That it is our feelings towards anyone, or ANYTHING that are what will lead us to Heaven or Hell? Or, is it a combination of all three possibilities?  What I am trying to do here is to show you how it is that all of these possibilities are all true. At Matthew, Chapter 1, verse 23 we read, “Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” How is it that this scripture even APPLIES here? Let’s take a long hard look, shall we? Let us take the first statement. Like a virgin who is suddenly, and miraculously with a child; we become “as a child” within ourselves as we age. We were as “a virgin” in the sense that, we once were ‘untouched’ and ‘unaffected’ by aging. Now it suddenly changes our personality so that we become a different person to others. If by a Stroke, (which is called such because it is viewed as being “touched by God”); we are still the same person, only altered in our minds and bodies by our disability.  Now the second statement shows how it is that if we then allow our ‘new found’ way of thinking and acting to follow either a negative or a positive attitude; our life course will be according to our own making. Finally, we also can see, as ties in the third statement, how it is that if our feelings are what will determine the “Heaven” or “Hell” of our daily lives; then we ought to keep them all positive NOT negative! I was hoping I didn’t totally lose you here in these explanations. God give us the insight to “see with new eyes”. Amen.

Most people do not care about themselves, or others to see what is REALLY going on! By Timothy Baugh

As I write this, I realize how futile it may be, trying to put any of this on screen to be read by you and/or others. You see, communication is difficult enough, without you thinking that this is totally ‘unnecessary’ for you to be reading to begin with! I try to get my point across. Unfortunately, it only matters to me and very little to others. People tend to be so self-centered. BUT… they will all try to “cover up/over their selfishness with ‘proper excuses’. “I meant to call you back.”, they will say. THEN WHY DIDN’T THEY? Why tell us one thing while they actually did another? Are you too at the point of anger, frustration, or hopeless resignation over this? Or, perhaps all of this doesn’t matter to you? When I thought about this; I reflected on how life must have been for Jesus Christ. Nobody, not even His disciples, really ‘got/understood’ Him at all. Have you ever felt this way? You put everything into trying to be understood… only to be speaking to those who, like little children, have NO IDEA what you are saying. You might as well be speaking to a wall! Anyhow, my day is coming to a close here so I must “wrap this up”, so to speak. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day for me. Let’s try to make it that way for everyone. Okay?

How an I Phone or any technological device cannot solve ALL of your problems in Life. By Timothy Baugh. January 29, 2020.

I am writing this post to those people who feel that somehow a mechanical/technological device can solve ALL of Life’s problems. Of course, we all know that this isn’t true. However, some will think that our modern inventions will magically make everything better for us. Really? Will all of our newly acquired “toys” actually make our lives 100% better in the long run? NO, NO, a thousand times NO!When we think as well that… a very popular Basketball player, Kobe Bryant, who has 70 MILLION fans worldwide is our ‘only’ IDOL and worshipfully devote ALL of our attention to his passing in Death; then again, we have believed that magically induced thought/belief that our role models and Sport’s heroes ARE GOD. When I recently was shaken in my own church by such adoration; the members (including the Pastor) responded with total surprise at my values! “Oh, but how could you be so uncaring and indifferent?!” they thought to themselves. I NEVER said I didn’t care. Nor that I was indifferent to the death of him and his daughter. But.. Oh how people want to cling to a preconceived notion.  This is all wrong. Yet, perhaps the TRUE God doesn’t really care about ANY OF THESE THINGS. So maybe, it is just my very ignorant and stupid thought that ‘Someone’ or ‘Something’ really cares about any of this. Perhaps, NOT EVEN GOD CARES. THEN WHY??? Why DO we spend so very much time, energy, and effort obsessing over such things?  My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, how we spend, or CAN spend precious minutes, hours, and days obsessing over things that ultimately have no lasting value or worth. How we need YOU. Not passing fads or inventions that will all “pass away” in time. I do, but I don’t see where all the attention is going to a necessary ‘person’ or ‘thing’. But, our focus is oftentimes all wrong. Instead of focusing on you, we focus on ourselves, others, or our own “things”. Help us to get it all right. In Your Holy Name I/We ask. Amen.

When I feel that I am invisible, then I remember that God is that way to us too. By Timothy Baugh. January 23rd.

Today I am reminded of what it means for anyone to be invisible. Basically, people don’t see, hear, speak to, or even know of you. Oh they do, when they are in your “presence”, so to speak. But otherwise, you are invisible. Jesus of Nazareth, the one who would later be called by ‘the Christians’ and most of the whole known world then as the Christ/the Messiah is still thought of that way today. Granted, for many He doesn’t exist. He’s invisible. Why is this ‘train of thought’ important? Because, to me at least, You, I, We, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit is/are still very much invisible in this world! Do you see what I am talking about? You don’t even see me; and yet you BELIEVE I exist. You, may or may not even read of this. And yet, you wish to acknowledge my “presence” here. I gladly acknowledge your “presence” too; and yet I do not see you. When I am sad, or lonely… do you care? or… when you are depressed and abandoned by most everyone do we really care? (I do, but then I don’t always). Or when we as humans destroy ourselves and our world/environment, is it that we always care? Or… when we turn a ‘blind eye’, so to speak, towards God or Jesus do we really care? Do you “see” where I am going with this? If I was only doing this post to entertain myself, wouldn’t it only be seen and matter only to me?! Think about that. However you view yourself as being; you must still be/become invisible. At Death, as at the Second Coming, you will have become invisible eventually. Only IF you return to this Earth, do you ever get to be seen by any here in any sense. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, how I believe in You even when I do not see of You or how You are working for me. I/We humans must now trust in You, the Invisible, but Ever-Living God of ALL. Life is found in You. Help us to see that.Thank you! Amen.